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solid color kilts.

Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

Sometime ago, someone from this list requested my assistance in finding
information about solid color kilts in period.  Due to about 800 e-mail
and computer mishaps, one right after the other, I am only now able to
respond, and, of course, lost the address of the gently who requested
information.  I hope you're out there still...
	Anyway, there are no descriptions of solid color kilts before 1600
that I could find.  The belted plaid, the earliest form of what we now
think of as the kilt, was worn during the latter half of the 16ht century.
According to H. F. MClintock, "It is clear that bright coloured tartan
patterns were already dominant and were worn by all who could afford
them."  There are several period accounts of different colored tartan
material being worn in the fashion of a belted plaid.
	There does exist, however, a portrait of Sir Duncan Campbell of
Lochow from 1635 in which he is wearing a belted plaid that is a solid red
color.  So evidence does exist just post-period.  Since tartan did not
have eraldic signifigance until the early 1800's, it was just another
pattern at this time (although a pattern with much national signifigance),
and it is probable that striped and solid materials were used for belted
plaids as well as tartans.  We have post-period pictures of women in
airasaides (belted plaides) that are striped, for instance.  If anyone can
find PROOF of a solid colored plaid being worn pre-1600, please share it
with the list.  I would be very interested.


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