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Terafan's Tavern

Poster: "Barclay, Peter CPT" <BarclayP@lee-dns1.army.mil>

Unto the Merry Rose does Terafan bid greetings!

	Let all gentles know that Terafan's Tavern will be operating on the
field at Emerald Joust, both Saturday and Sunday.

	If you don't feel like walking back to camp or to the feast hall for
lunch, you will be able to simply purchase it from Terafan's Tavern.

Lunch plates will be offered or items can be purchased separately.
Items available include:

	Chili dogs  
	Plain hot dogs
	Baked Beans
	Potato Salad
	Deviled Eggs
	Dill Pickles
	Brownies, Cookies, Fruit
	Cold sodas, including......

		Terafan's Root Beer, served fresh and cold from the keg.

Bring your mug and have one!

Terafan is hosting this as a Pennsic Camp Fund-Raiser, and bids everyone
to bring their money!


Master Terafan Greydragon                 barclayp@lee-dns1.army.mil
Brewer, Fighter, Brewer, Autocrat, Brewer, Regional Seneschale, Brewer,
etc. ...

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