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[TY] New song for squires

Poster: meridies@web.ce.utk.edu

Many, many moons ago I was asked to write a song discussing the squires
role.  The person asked that it not be about the fact that the squire was
going to be a knight but rather about the squire's nobility from his
position.  I don't remember who asked me (it may have been Squire Henry of
the once and future barony of Glaedenfeld) but the muse finally decided to
put it down.  You are all welcome to it.


                        RED BELT, SILVER SPURS
                            by Rathflaed DuNoir
                            The Black Bard of Meridies, MSoB
                            mka: Stephen R. Melvin
                            Dedicated to Sean

Am                                          G
Today the silver chain goes, around your shoulders,
              F                                                  Am
And we place the silver spurs upon your heels,
Am                                   G
As the red belt is girded, around your hips,
F                            Am
I remember how it feels.

Many years ago I myself took that honor,
To pledge my fealty to my knight,
Today I give to you the gift they gave so long ago to me,
To chain you and to bind you to the right.

As I pledge my honor to my liege lord on the field,
And swear it by gold chain and belt of white,
So too you pledge to me your sword and shield in the battle,
And I know that I can count you by my side.


Tis true I wear the white belt now, but once I stood your place,
I recall the chivalry I searched to find,
For by the silver chain you wear and the red belt round your waist,
I know your honor ranks as much as mine.

Now you have much to learn and I have much to teach you,
For you must wear the mantle of a knight,
For they only give the belt of white to those who wear it on their actions,
So let your words and deeds be bold and bright.

And if you wear the belt of red through all your years and days,
And they never give to you the spurs of gold,
Then let it not be said that they ever had a reason,
For still you are bound by chiv'ry's code.

I take your oath today and I will teach you and I'll train you,
Be proud of these your red belt, spurs and chain,
Keep strong your faith in God, your kingdom and your knight,
As once they asked of me to do the same.


13 May 1997

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