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Re: <SILLY><humor>To garb or not to garb that is t

Poster: cley@juno.com

On Fri, 23 May 1997 13:15:11 -0700 Keith Savage <keithsa@MICROSOFT.com>
>Greetings good gentles all,
>In light of all the garb/costuming time/skill/cost discussions, I felt
>compelled to share some not so serious advice I received in A.S. I'm 
>senile I forget...:
>If you really want an easy persona for garb that you can use to bemuse
>the most vehement of authenticity mavens -  get into the early Celts -
>they sometimes went into combat with no clothing to speak of and just 
>little bit of lime "styling gel" for their hair accessorized by a few
>woad "tattoos".  This way your garb doesn't cost much and you can 
>your time on other endeavors. 
>Think of the all the wonderful dialogs you can have:
>..."Ummm excuse me but why are you blue and (ahem) naked?" 
>"I'm a Celt going into battle"
>"I don't think the marshall's will pass your "gear""...
>..."is that a piece of rattan you've got there woad boy, or are you 
>happy to see me"...
>..."what light through yonder crowd doth break, tis the moon"....
>Yours in paradox,

	Huh. To quote HL Lyulf MacFlandry (with apologies to bard Willie

	On the woad again,
	Those g**d*** Picts are on the woad again,
	They're burnin' villages and they're choppin' up my friends,
	Those g**d*** Picts are on the woad again.

			Arlys (who is probably going to have to hide from
			for the rest of the tourney season) ;-)


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