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Re: Idea

Poster: viking@csra.net (Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen,Maria Munitz)

>Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU
>Here's a silly idea for all you merchants out there...
>You know those bumper stickers that say things like:
>"Proud Parent of an Honor Roll Student"
>or "My kid is an excellent  student at Such-and-such Junior High"?
>Well, my idea is to print up bumper stickers for SCA parents like:
>"Proud Parent of a Lord/Lady" (Knight, Duke, fill in title)
>or "My son is King of Atlantia" etc.
>Whaddya think?

how about "My child is an honor student at the Atlantian School for Pages"
I know someone who is setting up her printer to make bumper stickers.  I'll
pass the message on to her.

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