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COMING SOON: Roxbury Mill's Country Fair

Poster: Dawn Skully/HNS <Dawn_Skully@notesgw.hns.com>

Greetings to all from Aurora -

I'd like to remind Merchants, Artisans, Entertainers, Folk and Families that 
everybody is invited to the Shire of Roxbury Mill on June 14 for a day of fun 
and games and shopping and chatting. You'll also have the opportunity to ooh 
and aahh at the skills of our artisans as they create wonderful things right 
before your eyes. If you have a skill that you'd like to share, please bring 
along your bits and pieces, we'll find room for you to set up where everybody 
can see how it's done. Jugglers, bring your toys. Who knows, somebody might see 
something that they'd like to learn.

Come prepared to participate in some friendly competition for honor and glory. 
We're planning field games including Cambok, Tug-O-War, Races, Bocce, and 
others. We'll have table games and we'll have children's games. Last, but not 
least, we'll have the soon-to-be famous Gummer's Inn to whet your appetites and 
raise money for whatever SCA Charity gets the most votes (buy something, get a 

NO MERCHANT FEES outside of the $3.00 site fee, but we'd like you to set up on 
Friday evening if possible - free camping is available. Bring shade and a water 
jug. (directions below)

I'm trying to determine how many merchants, artisans, and entertainers will be 
there so I know how much space I'll need to set aside. Please call 301-540-8697 
or email dskully@hns.com if you'll be there. 

                                                       *** DIRECTIONS ***
GET A MAP. Find your best way to I-270 in Maryland. Take Rt 118S (toward 
Germantown). Rt 118 zigs to the left at a light at Wisteria Drive (4th light, I 
think) and then to the right at the next light so be careful. Drive through the 
light at Clopper Rd/Rt. 117 (unless, of course, it's red) and travel another 
quarter to half mile. The site - Phillips Farm - will be on the right. If 
you've gone as far as Riffleford Rd, you've gone too far. Turn around and come 
back, we'll be waiting for you.

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