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Re: pied piper

Poster: lowrey@gte.net

	I too am a mother of a nearly 3 year old. I just moved into the Western 
region from out of kingdom, so I can't say much about Pied Piper here, 
or helping in your area but...

I would love to hear what suggestions you get.  For my part, I was 
delighted to find that even though my daughter hates to wear hats in 
mundane life, she loved the costumes and kept stealing my coifs all 
weekend at May Crown. It seems to me that this age group, particularly 
the little girls would delight in playing dress up with a variety of 
costumes pieces- a la gold key. This also does not require replenishment 
once established, just laundering.

Good luck to you. It is very difficult tourneying responsibly with young 
children. There are so many dangers on an SCA site. It was a chore for 
us with two adults and one child.

Bianca Allegri

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