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Re: Re: Heraldic help

Poster: "Barbara Shuping" <julia.windsor@usa.net>

Let's get back to heraldic basics and try to remember the purpose for 
heraldry. It was for identifyability, not for heralds to give submitters 
grief. If a submission can't be identified, it should be returned. If 
someone wants a dragon with all the scales drawn that comes under 
artistic license, just don't get so nitpicky on the submission form and it 
stands a good chance of passing. I would recommend the cut and paste method 
using the pictorial dictionaries that are out there. Get a clue people, 
these are charges that have already been registered. Use them, it will 
save everyone alot of time and grief.

Lady Julia Windsor
Baronial Persuivant
Windmasters' Hill

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