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Re: a tied up Don Juan

Poster: carl christianson <einar@cvn.net>

Elen Prydydd puts her two *scents* in...  

>>From: Lady Emma <j4j4u4wm@coastalnet.com>
>>Organization: House WyldRose
>>Lady Emma wrote:
>>> Bonnie A Hindle wrote:
>>> > Erica says:
>>> > >Erica Stark
>>> > >who has Don Juan tied to the fence
>>> >
>>> > Alesia raises head from her glass of rose wine and moves her 
>>> > Twenty Year Autocrating notes out of the way and says "You have Don 
>>> > tied to a fence!!!!  What are you charging to come over and
>>> > well............ ya know........ <really really evil grin>......and 
>>> > he look like Johnny Dep or Errol Flynn??"
>> Dimwit... ( I can say that she's my sister)
>> Don Juan is a type of rose... just like I have John F Kennedy, Mr.
>> Lincoln and
>> King's Ransoms in my front yard. 
>> emma

Oh yeah?  What's in the *back* yard, Emma?  

>Erica replies-
>Yes, but what a rose.  Red so deep it's sometimes called a 'black' rose, 
>and a scent that combines 'rose' with 'lemon'.  Definately deserves his 
>name, as the blooms don't last if you cut them.

May I suggest carting out a vase of Sprite out to the garden when you cut
blooms?  Plunk the cut stem into the Sprite immediately and I can just
about guarantee that even Don Juan will hang around more than just a couple
of days, looking gorgeous and scenting your room.
DO NOT dilute the Sprite.  Yes, 7-Up will work, too.  Something about
carbonation and sugar that roses just love... I've had a Don Juan cut bloom
last up to a week this way.  Mind you, I had to change the Sprite every
day, but it was worth it!

>  Anyway, Alesia, you 
>could get your very own at almost any garden center, so if you want to 
>come over and stick your nose right into the middle of his  -um- petals, 
>you're welcome to.
>Erica Poitevins
>who now has the Apothecary's rose to go with the eglantine :-) :-) :-)

Whew!!  Erica, isn't that pandering?!?!?!

A comforting thought, though... Don Juan, waiting patiently and indolently
and oh so elegantly at every garden shop, just waiting for women to come
swoon over him, fall in love, take him home to put him in their (flower)
beds and tie him up.  What a life!

The possibilities for innuendo in this thread are really amazing...  ;->

Elen Prydydd

Einar Thorgrimmson

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