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Many Questions - Boffering

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

>> 3.  What's the best mundane supplier for boffer supplies?
>Most fabric stores that deal in upholstery products also supply large
>peices of foam in various shapes.  The foam arm rests make great hammer

As far as I've been able to find out, there are no kingdom-wide boffer
regulations in Atlantia yet.  If there are, please tell me!

So my experience is based on West Kingdom standards.  In the West, they use the
foam pipe cover sold at hardware stores to insulate pipes.  Cut a length of PVC
pipe that extends no more than 4 inches into the foam insulation.  Duct tape
the insulation to the pipe firmly, then wrap *one* layer of duct tape around
the entire sword.  Don't make the sword 'blade' too long, or it will whip in
combat and hurt the kids (not to mention tearing itself apart more readily.

Western Armor standards are as follows:

Good helmet made of leather or solid carpet padding (not the cheap-o stuff!). 
The helm is made with the same pattern I've seen on adult helms made from metal.

Long sleeve tunic and ankle-lenght trousers or skirt (almost all the girls
prefered trousers).

Close-toed shoes.

Garden gloves.

In An Tir, they don't allow head shots and don't use helmets.  In the West they
do allow head shots and do use helmets.

I've seen people here make boffer armor - padded gamesons for the kids.  I
don't like those, as boffer is supposed (IMO) to be a touch sport and kids
have to really whale away with the boffers for a 'touch' to be felt through
all that padding.  Not Safe, IMO.

Having long sleeved tunics and having *any* touch count as a good blow keeps
the 'whaling away' factor to a minimum.  It also encourages very good shield

Shields can be made from thin board or layered heavy cardboard, rimmed with
garden hose and painted quite attractively.  I prefer two layers of heavy
corrogated cardboard, or four/five layers of regular corrogated cardboard. 
Glue layers perpendicular to each other.  Wooden shields can cause injuries
if not wearing padding.

I've seen classes offered to kids in shield and sword techniques.  Usually 1
hour or so during a regular event or at a Collegium.

The Queen's Guard in the West used to marshall the boffer tourneys at Crown and
Coronations.  Many other fighters would gather to watch, as well.  The 15/16
year olds in the boffer tourneys were going to be Heavies soon!  Best to get a
good look at one's future opponents.

Problems with kids not acknowledging blows, or behaving in unchivalrous (
unsportsmanlike) ways were ameliorated by having a few knights or the Crown
come and watch (and speak to kids as necessary).

West uses determinate marshalling in boffer fights as well.  If the marshals
have to ask the kids in a fight three times "do you think that blow touched
you?" then the fight is declared a draw.  That's any combination of three times
- either kid or all one kid.

I've seen fewer boffer battles here.  I used to herald them in the West, but am
consumed by A&S here.

What standards are evolving in Atlantia?

        - Anarra

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