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RE: Another Query on Irish Pronunciation

Poster: E L Wimett <SILVERDRAGON@Charleston.Net>

>> Poster: RowenRhys@aol.com

>> Is there a guide to Irish pronunciation? and if so, how can I find it?

>> I am trying to assist my friends with an Irish persona.  I would also like
>> any suggestions for books on Irish name-giving practices (that whole 'ni'
>> thing).  We have started the given name search in Witheycombe and Oxford
>> Dictionary of Saints.  Does that sound like a good start?

You might try O Corrain and Maguire, Gaelic Personal Names.  This is available in paperback, includes pronunciation hints for most of names and indicates general period, commonness, derivations, etc. for almost every name.  It is one of the standard works used by Society heralds.

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