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June Kingdom Acceptances

Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

Herewith are the items which have gone out of kingdom on a Letter of Intent
to Laurel and the College of Arms.  These items will be judged by Laurel
around October.  

I should have the returns info later this week...  REMEMBER!!!  I cannot do
diacritical marks, so if they are missing, don't yell at me....

Rhiannon, Triton


Adeliza of Bristol - new name and badge
Per pale argent and sable, a double-headed wyvern displayed, a bordure
rayonny counterchanged.

Akilah of Seareach - name change from Akilah Jihan bint Zaid and device change
Vert, a seawolf Or, a bordure Or semy of pommes

Alastar Mac Mathghamhna - new name

Alison MacLeod - new name

Alwyn Feather the Foolish - new name

Aengus O Fearghail - new device
Argent, a saltire sable between four thistles proper, a chief embattled sable.

Aoife inghean Roibeard ui Ruadhain - new name and device
Or, an equal-armed Celtic cross azure, a bordure azure semy of hawk lures Or.

Barbara Giomaria di Roberto - device resubmission
Argent, a chevron inverted azure, in chief a brown hen statant, wings
elevated and addorsed, proper.

Brendan the Shameless - new name and device
Or, on a chevron between three roundels azure two swords proper.

Brianna O Duinn - new device
Sable, a bird striking contourney argent, its breast pierced by a thorn
proper distilling three gouts de sang, on a chief embattled argent three
crescents gules.

Bryan of Sacred Stone - new name and device
Per chevron sable and gules, on a chevron argent a wolf's head cabossed
between two crescents fesswise gules.

Caer Mear - name correction 
name was previously registered as Caer Maer; this is a request Laurel change
it to the form Caer Mear

Christopher Hare - new device
Vert crusily latin Or, a hare sejant erect playing a straight trumpet argent.

Christopharus filius Philippi - new name

Daemon Broussard - new name

David ap Tristan - new name and device
Submitted as Dawfyd, the name has been changed to a documentable form.
Argent, a heart, on a chief azure an axe argent.

Erika ny Deadra - new name

Gabriella di Lorenzo Fiorentini - name change from Gabrielle Gasparella

Galen of Elvegast - device resubmission
Per saltire azure and Or, a saltire counterchanged

Genevieve de Chartres - new name

Gormlaith Una O'Doyle - device resubmission
Gyronny argent and vert, a stag's head couped contourny azure.

Harald Brandarm Olafssen - new badge
(Fieldless) An arm palewise embowed, armored, and enflamed holding a sword
inverted bendwise proper.

Judith of Massan - new name

Kari Kyst - new name

Kenneth MacKnaughtane of Glenshira - new name

Lochlynn the Loveless - new name and device
Per bend sinister purpure and argent, two hearts counterchanged argent and sable

Luigi Santini da Sutera - new name

Margherita la Tessitrice - new name and device
Argent masculy azure, a boat shuttle bendwise sable threaded Or

Minan the Stout - withdrawal of name change

Muin maqq Minain - name change from Domhnall de Lindsay and device resubmission
Vert, on a plate a brazier enflamed vert, a bordure rayonny Or.

Muin maqq Minain - new badge
Argent, an acorn enflamed vert

Muireann ni Riordain - device resubmission
Vert, three lillies on a chief triangular argent a mullet sable

Niall Dolphin - name change from Niall Duncan MacFarlane

Oistin Scotscalder - new name

Reinhardt von Gluckstadt - new name

Robert of Sacred Stone - new badge
Per pale sable and Or, two lions combattant counterchanged

Rosamund du Grasse - new name

Rowen ferch Rhys - name correction from Rowan ferch Rhys

Shamus Stewart - new name and device
Per pale vert and argent, a chevron between three towers counterchanged

Stefan of Caer Mear - new name and device
Azure, two stags combattant argent, a chief ermine

Victoria of Alfriston - new name

Vortigern Faber - new device
Gules, a hippogriff segreant Or between three decrescents argent.
Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald, Atlantia
House Corvus, Sacred Stone	

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