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ACHBAR the Humorless

Poster: John Gahrmann <jrgahrmann@geocities.com>

James Morrow wrote:

>   I am known for my bad puns.  I have no real sense of humor.

Puns are PUNishment for the humorless. Don't worry Achbar, you serve a useful (if painful 
to the rest of use) function.

>   Let me suggest th following thins to joke about
> 1.  Achbar's absence from Events

How about throwing an Achbar type event "Quest for the Dolly LLama" sort of like sheep 
raids but with stuffed llamas?

> 2. The Out of Hand drumming at events..spurred on by Achbar

That's only if people get too drunk to hold on to thier drums, that's when they get out 
of hand.

> 3.  Real Humor...which Achbar will have one day.

Reel humor...This fish walks into a bar......

> Achbar The Humorless

John Gahrmann
AKA Johann von Rothenburg
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