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Re: [MR] Cadency and Conflict

Poster: Michael and MJ Houghton <herveus@access.digex.net>

Alfredo inquired...
> I thought that cadency was the system of adding a label to the
> oldest son's arms, a crescent to the second son's, etc. (I have a
> mnemonic song about it, if anyone's interested.)  Does the word
> have a second meaning that relates to judging whether two devices
> are sufficiently different?
Cadency is the mechanism by which coats of arms are differenced 
(usually among kinsmen) to show that these are different people but that
they are related. The "label for the first son, crescent for second, etc"
is ONE system. However, throughout time, there have been a wide variety
of changes made to show cadency. Most of these practices show up in the
rules for submission as ways to obtain Clear Differences (CDs) (or points,
if you prefer, or kumquats, or whatever). Interestingly enough, the label
was originally the brisure of the second son, not the heir. (there he goes
using them fancy words again; quick, the sock!)

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