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Re: documenting cordials

Poster: "Chuck Graves" <Chuck_Graves@mmacmail>

>Does anyone know of good source books for documenting cordials?  

Four fine late-period sources for brewing and distillation are _The Jewell House
of Art and Nature_ by Sir Hugh Platt (1594), _Delights for Ladies_ by Sir Hugh 
Platt (1609), _The Queens Closet Opened_ by W. M. (1655) and _The Closet Of the 
Eminently Learned Sir Kenelme Digbie Kt. Opened:  Whereby is Discovered Several 
Ways for Making of Metheglin, Sider, Cherry-Wine, etc._ (1669).  

The works of Sir Hugh Platt and W. M.(taken from the Receipt Books of Queen 
Henrietta Marie, wife of Charles I) are especially instructive on the arts of 
distillation and the making of "the extractions of all hearbs".  In addition, 
Sir Kenelme Digbie discusses how to make cordials (although he is better known 
for his vast array of recipes for mead, metheglin, and ale.)  These works serve 
as the principal historical basis for my efforts in the category of cordials.  

You may find the work by W. M. difficult to find but Digby is readily available 
(check with some of your local cooks) and Platt should be available through 
interlibrary loan.


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