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Re: self-documenting cordials

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

>   Four fine late-period sources for brewing and distillation are _The
>   Jewell House of Art and Nature_ by Sir Hugh Platt (1594), _Delights
>   for Ladies_ by Sir Hugh Platt (1609), _The Queens Closet Opened_ by
>   W. M. (1655) and _The Closet Of the Eminently Learned Sir Kenelme
>   Digbie Kt. Opened:  Whereby is Discovered Several Ways for Making of
>   Metheglin, Sider, Cherry-Wine, etc._ (1669).
> It is worth pointing out, again (one of my hobby horses) that Digby is not
> only three generations post period, and was born post-period, but he
> invented some new technologies for brewing (frexp the strong bottle) that
> may imply his recipes are not as comparable to period ones as we might
> like.

Do you mean that in 1669, when Sir Kenhelm Digby was described
as "eminently learned" in that book title, he was not even 19?

-- Alfredo
You can lead something decent to water, but you
can't get something decent to drink around here.

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