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Underage drinking

Poster: Janet Toney/Terry Neill <LongshipCo@compuserve.com>

>>>"Attendees may bring their own alcohol IF they are legal drinking age
that drinking underage will not be tolerated."

This would give the autocrats more "power" to ask people to leave site if
someone is caught drinking underage.<<<

Autocrats don't *need* more power to enforce the law. In Virginia, for
example, if an underage person drinks, the person in charge of the event
(ie the autocrat) is legally liable with attendant potential nasty court

If the autocrat is aware of underage drinking, he or she has every right to
enforce modern laws. And everyone else - be kind to your autocrat and don't
put him into the position of risking being arrested for allowing illegal
activities in your camp/feast table/vacinity.

                                        Ana Ilevna

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