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LOST at Kingdom A&S

Poster: macghabhain@juno.com (Atlantian List)

Greetings dear friends!

I hope this missive finds all of you well.  It is my understanding the K
A&S festival displayed the Kingdom's, in all their glory!  I would expect
no less from this fair kingdom. *smile* 
	My dear Lady Sorcha de Glys misplaced some of her precious
belongings at the event and I would like to know if any gentle found them
or knows of the whereabouts.  
	Items misplaced:
	*Grey under(over?)dress
	*Blue Dress, I'm not too sure which one she wore.  I think it has
a velvet                      bodice(blue) and gauze-type
sleeves(blue)... I think...
	* A pair of fairly well worn black boots.  Inside the boots were
a belt and                      some various other article of clothing.
If anyone could help in locating these things, I would be forever
indebted to you.  
Thank you all in advance for your help!

In Service,
Ciaran MacGhabhain
(or as pronounced by some..."MacGh--Gha---Bob. McBob!"  *wink*)
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