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Book Inquiry

Poster: scholten <scholten@southconn.com>

Greetings Good Gentles:

A friend of mine is looking for a book series. Message follows.

>I have a question for you... I was given a book by a co-worker titled
"The Cross-Time Engineer" by Leo >Frankowski.  He is a member of the SCA
and wrote 6 (I believe) books in this series.  However, the books >are
now out of print and are unavailable.  Would you know of anyone in your
group that has the books and >would loan/sell/whatever the remaining
books in the series (I have #1).  It is quite addictive and I'd like to
>know how the series ends.
>Curt Godwin
>Webmaster - The Southern Connection

If someone could email myself at
scholten@southconn.com    or
Curt at   webmaster@southconn.com
I would greatly appreciate the help.

Lord Marion Lang Boogschutter au der Lol
Shire of BorderVale Keep

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