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Re: Kingdom Arts Festival

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

>Poster: MHWag@aol.com
>Well, I missed the Kingdom Arts Festival.  Boo....
>I've heard vague stories of glorious displays, but no specifics.
>What did I miss?  I want all the details so I'll be even more disappointed
>not to have been there.
>Aileen - who was exploring Mayan culture at the time  

I would like to thank Windmasters Hill and Lady Dierdre for putting on
such a smashingly successful event.  I had a blast!  I enjoyed looking at
all the items people had made, watching the demos, asking "how did you do that?"
explaining how I did that, and meeting new people.

I'd love for there to be some way to do both anonymous entries AND know who
made stuff.

For example, who made the golf clubs and golf balls?  Who painted all the
banners?  Who did the dyeing notebook?

TRM have indicated this will become an annual event.  Yeah!

There were demonstrations of pewter casting, basket making, lampwork, subtelty
desserts, a spring lathe, woodworking, weaving, and more I didn't see.

There were classes on embroidery, tudor tailoring, shoes, teaching dance (as in
how to teach, not how to dance) and more.

(I didn't attend the tudor class.  But my housemate, Ana Ilevna did, and was
extremely impressed.  The instructor knew her stuff and had on a wonderfully
crafted and hand stitched dress.  She covered fabrics, thread, cutting and
pattern techniques, pattern layout, and much more. Fantastic!)

There was so much Fiber Arts that they had to add an extra room.  One point of
discussion will surely be how to divide the fiber arts category into more
manageable pieces.  And more judges will be needed next year!

The switchover from demonstrations to the Peers Prize tourney was a little
rough.  I'm sure it will smooth itself out with time, practice and cooler

The Site fee was $5 which included a delicious lunch of soup, bread, cheese and

Vivats to the autocrats, Lady Dierdre and Windmaster's Hill!

        - Anarra

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