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Re: Known World Order - Was: You can ignore this. Its just efen again

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Master Malcolm combines two threads to ask:

> Does that mean that the (anti-KWO) militia exists and it is the OHC?
> And is the OHC aware of the current KWO conspiracy to take
> our booze away?

Actually, I'm not sure that the KWO is on the side of the BoD on this
issue.  Nor am I sure the OHC is against eliminating SCA purchase and
distribution of alcohol at events.

As for the embodiement of a militia within the OHC, we currently are all
fighters, though that may change in the future.  Unfortunately, we owe our
duties as fighters to different Lords, so I really am not sure we could
fight together as a group.

Though that would make an interesting group for a Pas-d'arms ;-).


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