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Re: Germanic Garb

Poster: Heather Swann <swannh@psi.com>

At 05:57 PM 7/16/97 -0500, teufel wrote:
>I said:
>>Stay away from Wool as if
>>it were the Devil Himself.  
>You said:
>>I would disagree with this.  Wool, in fact, is my favourite Pennsic
>>material.  The trick with wool as I use it this:  Bring wool that has been
>>well fulled, carded, and fine-woven.   That way, it is smooth to the skin,
>>and light weight.  It will keep you cool in the day, and warm at night.
>        Hmmm...Lightweight Wool.  I have heard of such a Beast.  I hope to
>eventually find one that meets my definition of light weight.  But to
>further my explanation; the wools I have been able to find, that do not
>require a loan to buy, tend to be MUCH too heavy to allow the proper
>moisture wicking and airflow properties for 95+ degrees of temperature.  I
>am jealous that you have found a comfortable way to survive the summer heat,
>and still allow for period look.  But with as much trouble as some people
>have with dehydration at Pennsic, I always tend to be conservative in my
>fabric recommendations.  Authenticity be damned.  

I quite understand!  The only thing that enabled me to wear wool was that I
found the fine stuff.  Cloak weight is good for cold Pennsic nights, but I
concur- if you can't find the lighter weight for day, then go with
lightweight fabrics...
>I said:
>>I also don't wear Silk, or Polyester/Rayon/Etc.
>>>until the sun goes down.  
>You said:
>>Silk can be lightweight.  
>        Actually, the reason I don't wear Silk/Poly/Rayon/etc. until after
>the sun has set, is because they just don't absorb moisture (read: sweat),
>enough.  Silk is SUPERB at wicking moisture, but if that moisture has no
>place to go...let's just say that I came back from my first Pennsic with an
>funny walk, and a pair of silk slash and puff Knee-breechs that I now only
>wear fall/winter.

Ah...my thought here would be to make the body of the knee-breechs of
cotton to absorb the moisture, and the puffs, which should be away from the
body, out of silk, so that you get the wildly bright colours that
landsknecht are known for...
>I said:
>>>The fabrics you wear MUST be lightweight.
>You said:
>>Actually, I'd specify further:  the cut of your clothes combined with your
>>fabric choices must allow for letting air in to circulate and draw off heat
>>during the day, and wick off sweat, allowing you to cool off in the day,
>>and not take a chill in the evening. 
>        An EXCELLENT description!  I am shamed that I was unable to come up
>with as concise and as accurate a description.  Many a Pennsic-Goer would do
>well to heed your words, and follow the advise found there.  
I thank you, My Lord, you are most gracious!

>You said:
>>As to Landsknecht garb in specific, I bow to this lord's knowledge, as I
>>have never made nor worn such.
>        My Lady!  Thank you, but I am just a humble landsknecht trying to
>pass what pitiful knowledge I have gained through much trial and error.  And
>really, anyone can imagine german slash and puff.  Just imagine the most
>amount of fabric you could possible need for a garment, then double it.
>Then take all that fabric, and slash it into shreds, put some feathers and
>ribbons on it, and you are pretty much finished. ;]
>>The Currently Unreal Miriam...
>                Hey!  That means you get to be the Real Miri at Pennsic!
>Congratulations! :]
>              Frederich Von Teufel
Ah, so I do!  How delightful!  :)

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