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I wouldn't touch that...

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> > > PROPOSED for comment: Unpadded pole arms be allowed according to the
> > > SCA wide rules.  This would allow pole arms of up to seven feet long.
> >
> > Though I have no discrepancies with a 7 foot pole arm, I think that
> > some sort of padding, at least 1-inch close cell, would do. 
> > If you leave the weapon unpadded and 7 feet long the force of a blow
> > would be far beyond that of a 6 foot great sword.  I fear the injuries
> > that would result from the extra force that could be generated even with
> > an arc of 90 degree restriction.   Though it would not be common place,
> > I think most would agree that tempers can flare on the field.  The results
> > of such a weapon, as proposed, could lead to a bad situation before any
> > intervention could be made.
> Here in Trimaris, all we use is unpadded polearms. When I first moved
> here, I thought they were crazy for using them, but I have found that
> having no padding in the head of a polearm tends to make both the user
> and the 'victim' very conscious of blow force.

I would think that for higher levels of blow force, at least,
having no padding in the head of the polearm tends to make the
victim _less_ conscious.

-- Alfredo el Bufon
D A N G E R   R A T T A N
C A U S E S   S E V E R E
B O D I L Y   D A M A G E

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