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Pavilion for Sale (with accessories)

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Dafydd ap Gwystl greets Cheapside!

As Cheapside is a market district, and this may be of general enough
interest, I cry the following:

I have for sale a used Tentmaster 13x21 Marquee (oval-ended) pavilion in
good condition.  My purposes have outgrown this tent -- I need a bigger
one for a great hall at Pennsic and Emerald Joust. 

The tent is in excellent condition and well cared for.  I bought it (used)
for $1000.

The tent would come with the following improvements, mostly made by me
since buying it:

One chandelier
One 12' long table
	This attaches to the main support poles, requiring no legs or 
	support; it breaks down into two very flat pieces for transport
	on a roofrack.
Three or Four tablecloths for the table (several colours)
	(I'm not sure exactly whether it is 3 or 4).  The tablecloths for
	the 12' table needed to be specially made, as they have to go
	around the two centerpoles which stick through the table.  As
	such, the tablecloths wouldn't be useful on any other table.
Four sconces that attach to the centerpoles to give more light
One shelving unit made to hook over the perimeter poles (3 shelves, 3'
Two simple loop/hook things made to hook over the perimeter poles,
	suitable for suspending a banner, hanging, or something like
One ridge-line decoration (goes on top of the pavilion) of wood, gilded
	and painted, simple carving in two dimensions of alternating
	cats and white roses.  This is based upon 15th and 16th century
	tent decorations; it looks really nice and you can see it from
	a great distance (i.e. you can use it to identify the tent
	in aerial photographs of Pennsic).  9' long by 11" high; the cats
	and roses are about 8" high each.  (5 cats, 4 roses)

I bought the tent for $1000 (used) without all the improvements; I'd like
to sell it for the same amount.  The tent will be set up (and in use) at
Pennsic, if you wish to examine it.  It would make an admirable social
tent / great hall for a household of 4-14 people, which is what I've been
using it for (you can't seat more than 14 at the table, which is why I've
outgrown it).  The fabric of the tent is in excellent shape, as are the
poles.  The ropes are in good shape -- a few of the wooden slide fasteners
need to be remade.

I will sell the pavilion to the first offer of $1000, or the highest offer
I receive by the end of Pennsic.  I'd prefer to sell to Atlantians, of
course; a serious offer by email before Pennsic will mean I don't need to
take an ad out in a Pennsic newspaper.

The pavilion will be in use at Pennsic -- it will be deliverable midday
Sunday after Pennsic, or from my house in Maryland at some later date if
your transport is tight going back.  I'll be camped in apGwystl/Lochmere
encampment, we're guessing the camp will be something like a few hundred
yards directly north of the Food Court.


Dafydd ap Gwystl

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