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Re: Coronation and Pointless War

Poster: angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Angela K. Pincha-Neel - ASCC)

CORONATION is being Autocrated by Master Bran Trefonnen... it is being held on
the 13th of September in Western NC the Acorn will have more details...

POINTLESS WAR has been renamed THE KINGDOM'S CRUSADE in part because people
were taking the wrong meaning for the word "pointless".

The KINGDOM'S CRUSADE is autocratted this year by Countess Brigit of Mercia,
(910) 867-4583.

It will be held from 3:00pm, Friday, 17 Oct through 2:00pm, Sunday, 19 Oct.

It is located within 10 miles of I-95 (exit #89) at Camp Ramblewood near Havre
de Grace, MD.

Cost is $15/adults $7.50/17-6, 5 and under free. Reservations must be sent to
Lady Stephania Herring at 306-B North Steele St, Sanford, NC 27330. THere are
cabins with showers available on a first come basis. Each bed must have a name
attached to it.

There are also several A&S competitions, and it is a war point! Briefly, the
competitions are:
	1. Best use of personal herladry, excluding banners
	2. Tapestries
		Catagory I:   replication
		Catagory II:  most creative
	3. Scrolls
		Catagory I:   Best overall
		Catagory II:  Non-paper
		Catagory III: Highest quantity for one entrant
	   For your scroll to be eligible, it must be a backlogged scroll
	   for either Atlantia or East. Call Lady Rebecca (Atlantia) for
	   assignments (Clerk of the Signet)

There is more than this for the Crusades... this is but a quick summary. Look
in the Acorn for more.... September's issue should be out shortly, plus, I will
post a complete flyer sometime after Labour day.

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