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Re: hist-games: Re: hist-games-digest V1 #14

Poster: LWright740@aol.com

In a message dated 97-08-23 09:34:00 EDT, you write:

<< > I believe the most common ball at the time was a pig's bladder- although
 > this could be hard to come by as well....... >>

I see fresh pig bladders all the time at work.  I am a Veterinarian for the
Federal Goverment (USDA).  I am stationed at Carolina Food Processors hog
slaughter plant in Tarheel, NC.  They kill about 26 to 30 thousand hogs each
day over two shifts.  It would be a conflict for me to try to buy these
bladers for you.  However, you could contact someone with quality control
about taking some out as laboratory/teaching specimins.  They are not
considered edible so there are special forms and permits to insure they do
not get into the food chain again.  Contact me for names and numbers.

Lora Leigh

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