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Yet more on Kingdom's Crusades

Poster: Beiskaldi@aol.com

Greetings unto the populace (and also to my most beloved Istvan!) from Thyra

Recent notes have been bouncing around here lately in regards to where
Kingdom's Crusades is being held.  I happen to be one of those awful geeks
who actually plans things this far in advance once in a while, and looked it
up on the map (one of many, since I also hate not knowing where I am going.)
 The town is actually called Darlington, not Starlington, and is near Havre
de Grace, MD.  This is near the PA border in Harford county, above Bel Air
and Aberdeen.  I guesstimate that it will take a little over an hour from
Baltimore (the way I drive), but if any good gentle from Bright Hills can
enlighten me further it will be most appreciated.

As for directions, and for other general info for persons who do not get the
Acorn, one can look up the flyers at the Known World Event listings, at:


I believe this has all the usual disclaimers about being unofficial and
subject to change, but it generally contains the same info as the kingdom
newsletters about events.  As a new chronicler for my shire, I have found it
invaluable--especially since I live within 30 minutes of two other kingdoms
and like most of my friends cannot afford to subscribe to their newsletters.

In service to the dream (and the shortest route to every event),


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