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[Fwd: A&S at Kingdom's Crusade]

Poster: "T. Nava-Vaughn" <navavaughn@geocities.com>

Here's the basic info on all the A&S happening at Kingdom's Crusade:

Arts and Sciences at Kingdom’s Crusade

The Arts and Sciences competition will consist of three individual
competitions: Tapestries, Personal Heraldry, and Scrolls.  Each
competition will yield one or more winners, the basis for which is
listed below.  This year the Arts and Sciences Scroll Competition will
be a War Point.  The point will go to the kingdom with the most entries,
averaged from three scroll categories.

The competition will take place in the auditorium.  Set up for the
competition will begin at 10 am Saturday.  Entrants are asked to pick up
their entries by 6 pm Saturday.  Winners will be announced in evening
court.  Questions or comments about the competitions should be addressed
to Mistress Celynen of Stow-on-the-Wold at 301-834-4366, or

Wall Tapestry Competition

Tapestries can be woven, painted, or embroidered.  Entries must be at
least 1 1/2' x 2'.  The tapestries will be displayed on the walls of the

There are two categories of competition: replication and creative
license.  Documentation is required for both categories.  Replicated
tapestries should be based on a single original with few alterations.
“Creative license” tapestries should be inspired by one of more
originals, but should not be a replica.

Personal Heraldry

Entries must be examples of personal heraldry displayed on something
other than a banner.  Use your imagination and produce something
unusual, but period.


Only scrolls taken from the East Kingdom or Atlantian backlog lists are
eligible for entry.  To receive a list contact Mistress Eloise (East) at
860-704-0191, krisbenysek@worldnet.att.com, or Lady Rebecca (Atlantia)
at 803-817-7689, beckymc@microsoft.com.  Scrolls entered in Categories
One and Two may be a combined effort from several scribes.

Category One: Best Overall Scroll
This category will be judged on materials, overall style, workmanship,
and documentation.

Category Two: Non-paper Scrolls
Entries in this category should be made on non-paper materials, i.e
vellum, leather, stone, wood, fabric, etc.  Though high quality
imitation vellum may be considered acceptable by the judges, the judges
reserve the right to exclude vellum substitutes.

Category Three: Highest Quantity of Scrolls
The category will be won by the individual contributing the most scrolls
to the competition overall.  Scrolls from this individual can be entered
in any or all of the three categories.
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