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Delinquent Quarterly Reports

Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

Ha!  Thought I'd forgotten, didn't ya?  Just delayed by Pennsic....

The following groups failed to file a 2nd quarter (April 1 through June 30,
1997)  herald's report:

Attillium, Azurmont, Black Diamond, Buckston-on-Eno, Caer Gelin, Drachentor,
Dun Carraig, Hawkwood, Hidden Mountain, Kestrel's Keep, Marshall's Keep,
Rencester, Storvik and Tear Sea's Shore

In addition, Buckston-on-Eno also failed to file a 1st quarter report.
Failure to file two consecutive reports constitutes a resignation of office
and places the group in question in danger of suspension.  Notice has been
mailed to the seneschal of the group.

I have had mail returned for the gentle listed as the herald of Kestrel's
Keep. With the additional failure to file this quarterly report, I need to
hear from that group regarding the status of their herald immediately.


Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald, Atlantia
House Corvus, Sacred Stone	

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