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Only five weeks left...

Poster: "Robin A Jensen" <griffaud@hearts.tez.net>

The battle is fearful and wonderful
and everywhere. Roland never spares himself,
strikes with his lance as long as the wood lasts:
the fifteenth blow he struck, it broke, was lost.
Then he draws Durendal, his good sword, bare,
and spurs his horse, comes on to strike Chernuble,
smashes his helmet, carbuncles shed their light,
cuts through the coif, throuh the hair on the head,
cut through his eyes, through his face, through that look,
the bright, shining hauberk with its fine rings,
down through the trunk to the fork of his legs,
through the saddle, adorned with beaten gold,
into the horse; and the sword came to rest:
cut through the spine, never felt for the joint;
knocks him down, dead, on the rich grass of the meadow;
then said to him: "You were doomed when you started,
Clown! Nobody! Let Mahum help you now.
No pagan awine will win this field today."
-Chanson de Roland

Angevin Fall Hunt Fact:
In addition to the Puy, and the bardic circle; Lords Niall Dolphin and
Bryce de Byram will be performing music of and inspired by the 12 c. during
feast, for the enterainment of the hall.

Angevin Trivia:
		Who said: "I am of a rank that reconizes no superior but God!"
A. Henry
B. John
D. William Marshall
E. Michael of Bedford

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