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[Fwd: Me and Needle Nights.....]

*** Needlework Night on September 9 will be cancelled! ***

Plans are still on for Needlework Night on September 23 to take place at
my home in Centreville, VA.  E-mail (or better: call) for directions.

-- BEGIN included message

Hallo everyone!

Under normal circumstances, I would be coming to the Shire meeting
tonight...under normal circumstances, I would say that Needle Nights would
proceed as planned.  However....these are not normal circumstances.  Due to
an emergency situation that has come up at work, I need to fly out to
Pittsburgh tonight at 6:30pm.  The duration is for two weeks. Basically, the
guy that was out there was in a car accident and didn't show up for work
this morning.  No one knows all the details, so instead of sitting and
waiting.....I'm being shipped out.  If I stay for the full two weeks, I'll
be back on September 12th.   

So, I will not be attending tonight's meeting and we may not be able to
begin Needle Nights until the fourth Tuesday at Karen Larsdatter's place in
Centerville.  I am HOPING that I won't be out there for that long.  Unless I
post something else here that says "hey, I'm home, we can do Needle
Nights"...it will have to begin at Karen's.

My apologies for any kind of confusion or mass hysteria, this may cause. ;>

(Warm Fuzzy Brigades Brigadier, Elite Division)

-- END included message