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Arts in the Heart

Poster: viking@groupz.net (Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen;Maria Munitz)

>From the Shire of Border Vale Keep, Greetings
  Every year the Shire of Border Vale Keep participates in a huge cultural
event in the city of Augusta, Georgia called Arts in the Heart of Augusta. 
This event has all kinds of activities and all kinds of international
booths, many of which sell foods ( my favorites are the Turkish-shish
kabob-and Hispanic booths-pina coladas(virgin)).  This year this event is
scheduled for Sept. 19-21.  
  This is our biggest demo of the year, and many of our members have found
us during this time.  If anyone would like to come help us at this demo, we
would be most grateful.  We would especially like to have heavy fighters,
rapier!!!!! (fencing is starting to take off in Augusta.  One of the
Olympic judges lives here), and any artisan who can demonstrate their art. 
    If any one is interested just reply back to this e-mail address and I
will give you any information you need.  Thank You.

Lady Ginevra de'Rossi
A&S for BVK

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