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"Born on the List Field" help

Poster: dhritter@duke-energy.com (David H Ritterskamp)

>   "Frank & Marsha" <eager@primenet.com> writes:
>   Greetings to all.. I am looking for a song called Born on the Tourney
>  field.  
[Close.  It's called "Born on the List Field."]

>  I was told it could only be taught by word of mouth... 
[This is true.  Unfortunate, but true.]

I understand
>  this but no one in my area knows the song. I do know the chorus but I am
>  looking for some one to teach me the song.  If tape would be okay I would
>  greatly appreciate it.   

[I am cross-posting this to the Merry Rose (Kingdom of Atlantia Mailing List), 
since if anybody has a tape available, it'll almost certainly be someone from 
Atlantia.  Somebody help the man!]

>  For I am trying to add traditions to the knights in
>  our fair kingdom of Atenveldt.  Well, and I step down next week from being
>  King and I really wish to add something to our knighting ceremony that I can
>  do when a new knight is being made.   Please e-mail me if you can help me...
>  Aaron
[Your Majesty:  Rest assured that if it's available on tape here, somebody will 
contact you.]


Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
Clan O'Shannon
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