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A Sirventes for Kingdom Crusades

Poster: "Robin A Jensen" <griffaud@hearts.tez.net>

Your Majesties,
		I gift for You sent way of this messanger, this week of Your coronation.

	Bryce de Byram 

I want to make a sirventes of two kings,
Logan, that Blackheart! and Lucan, bold king of the East.
Soon shall we see them draw up the levies and turn out the knights,
armour polished as mirrors,bright as stars,
with minds bent apon war.

And I pray to the saints,
that if both kings would remain just and true,
let not this war be Pointless.
For if a Crusade they would have,
let it be for bent swords, shattered sheilds, and broken heads.

For Friendship in war is as useless as tits apon a boar.
I tell you, if the Wolf would find his teeth,
and challange the Tiger,
let Him and his take up His aspect:
fierce, wild, and bloody!

Let the men, up from the South
rush apon these Thugs, these valient opponents;
And those knights of worthy name and lienege,
let Anton, and Micheal, and Richard
vie the field for their King.

If Gregor, if Hanse, if Ronald
would maintain the valor of their names,
if the jongleurs would praise their deeds anew,
let them rise to this challange
as they surely have before.

And everywhere,
in a moment,
see the hacked bodies and hewn heads
of champions, under the press,
atesting our  "friendship."

For Atlantia, led by a King
once broke it's eastern bands,
and it is only right that we
test our courage against
our sage, and bloody forebears.

Let the horn resound and call the men to the field!
Friend, take this message to the kings,
as I stew here for war:
that battle, like life
should be fiercely played.

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