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A Word of Encouragment re UA

Poster: The Davidsons <paradox@gamewood.net>

Greetings Atlantian cousins all - I would like to offer a word of
encouragement to all the SC groups to offer to host an Atlantian University,
by describing my *first* autocratting experience (!) which was the UA in
Drachentor - it was relatively easy! 90% of the hard work is done by the
Chancellor and the teachers. If you can find a school or college (mine was
the K-9 school my kids go to) with 16-20 classes, a gym or hall,, and a
nearby hotel/motel, there you have it... It's mostly just preparing a site,
signage, talking the hotel into good rates, crash space, and begging all
your friends for help. Providing a lunch at cost - but could be hot or cold,
as hard or easy as you like. Find an after hours spot for dancing and
singing and revel... It's true lots of people will come, but the actual work
for the group is not that bad - I know, because Drachentor is a very small
group - not more than 15 altogether were able to handle the basic
requirements, and a lot of that was moving chairs in the K-5 area (didn't
think some of our giganto lords would fit into 1st grade chairs), and the 6
folks who cooked lunch. If your site has grownup chairs, you're ahead of the
game. I'd be happy to assist anyone who wishes...  Please don't be
intimidated by the fact that it's a *Kingdom Event* tm. I'm sure a camping
event with 3 meals, big tourneys, and many activities must be a lot harder. 
The only big problem I had was getting inspired to try my hand at even more
interesting crafts (where's that 28 hour day when you need it?) which, after
all, is what University is all about... And I saved all the signage in the
computer, so when we host the Kingdom Herald/Marshall Symposium in March
(shameless plug), all I have to do is reprint those files :-)
        Yours in encouraging service to Atlantia, Rosalind

    Rosalind Jehanne 
    Paradox Keep in the Shire of Drachentor    
    Or, a Rose Gules, on a Chief Vert Three Suns Or 

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