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Re: Plastic armor

Poster: Dan Mackison <DanM@skantech.com>

anne carey wrote:
> Dan Mackison wrote:
> > If you think all plasic armor looks bad, take a look at
> > http://www.srv.net/~thor/thor/ARMOR/JPEG/PLASTIC2.JPG
> >
> The problem with plastic armour is not so much that it looks bad, but
> that it just doesn't *sound* right....
> Anne Elizabeth
> (Who has never worn armour....unless a corset counts?  :D)

Actually, I once saw a VERY good demonstration by a local armorer
covering that exact topic. He picked up a pair of black vambraces and
clacked them together. He then picked up a second pair cut from the same
pattern and clacked them together producing the same sound. Then he
said, "One pair was boiled leather and one pair was kydex [plastic]."

Most plastic armor has the same weight and durability as boiled leather
of equal weight with only minor differences... In extreme cold, plastic
can get brittle and, over time (or in high heat if boiled in wax),
boiled leather gets soft and needs re-boiling.

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