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MacGregor's Barn Burning in Hawkwood

Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

Just TWO more weeks until the MacGregor barn goes up in smoke!  Come save
(or capture) the hams, sausages, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats and cow! Come
see if His Majesty will ride the cow again!!!  Throw chickens and piglets at
your friends!  Raiding and defending teams alike, WE HAVE PLENTY OF
ARCHERS!!!! Don't let them go unused!  Make your reservations now!!!  Hope
to see you there!!!

Info on mailing reservations is in the following flyer:


                Canton of Hawkwood
                26-28 September 1997

The Canton of Hawkwood was blissfully relaxing after a hard summer's work.
The harvest is in, the weather is pleasant BUT THOSE THIEVING SCOTS ARE
AFTER OUR CATTLE!!!  Come help us defend our stock from the MacGregor Cattle
Raiders and Barn Burning!!!

-THE SITE:      The site will be Camp Tatham in Old Fort, N.C.  This is a
Boy Scout Camp located in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains.  The site will
open at 5:00 pm on Friday, September 26 and will close at 12:00 noon on
Sunday, September 28.  It is a lovely mountain site with a dormitory, cabins
(8 people minimum), showers and camping space (indoor facilities are first
come, first served).  There is a lake and a sliding rock-no lifeguard will
be on duty.  This is a DRY site.

-ACTIVITIES:    Team fighting (heavy and rapier with combat archery); A&S
competitions (or at least OUR version of them): children's activities;

-FIGHTING/RAPIER:       Heavy and Rapier will alternate running the cattle
raid/barn burning scenario.  Each will require teams of five fighters or
duellists and an archer.  Each team will get a chance to both attack and
defend the barn.

-A&S COMPETITIONS:      Most useless period item; Best rejection of a
marriage proposal; Best barnyard animal (Mac Gregor's animals don't count!!!)

-FUNDRAISERS:   The Canton will be holding a Dessert Auction, with a dozen
or so scrumptious sweets to bid on.  There will also be a MODERN TAX!!!
>From 9 am until feast Saturday, each overt modern reference or displayed
modern item will cost the offender 10 cents!  Your total tax bill will be
presented during feast!  The autocrat herself, plans to bring about $10 just
to pay her fines...  (This is to help us all get back in the habit of
recreating a period atmosphere.)

-THE FEAST:     Feast is limited to 100 gentles.  The cook is Lady Emer ny
Reyly.  Feastgear for Saturday night will be provided, except drinking
vessels.  Please contact Lady Emer (704/665-4342) for dietary concerns.

-THE COST:      The costs of the event are:  $12.00 on-board; $5.50
off-board (we pay the site whether you stay overnite or not).  Children
under 12 are guests of the Canton, but we MUST have a reservation for them.

-PARKING:       The parking situation is challenging.  When you approach the
site, a team of gentles will assist you with immediate unloading.  Then, one
of your party must move your vehicle to the designated parking area at once.
Bring a flashlight if you will be arriving after dark.

-MERCHANTS:     Merchants will need to contact the autocrat prior to the
event to make arrangements and will need to bring their own tables.

-RESERVATIONS:  The autocrat for the event is Lady Rhiannon ui Neill.
Please MAIL reservations to Lady Rhiannon, m/k/a Beverly Curry, 18 Reynolds
Road, Asheville, NC 28806 (704/253-3115).  Make checks payable to Canton of
Hawkwood/SCA, Inc.


FROM THE EAST:  Take your best route to I-40 West.  Take the Old Fort exit
(exit #73).  At end of ramp, make a right, cross railroad tracks and make a
left at the red flashing light onto Hwy. 70.  Follow Hwy. 70 approx. 1/4
mile and make a right onto Old Hwy. 70.  **You will see signs for Camp
Tatham.  Go approx. 3 miles and make a right onto Mill Creek Road.  Follow
until you turn right onto Graphite Rd (pavement ends).  Go past Church and
follow road 1/4 mile to troll.  There will be SCA signs posted.

FROM THE WEST:  Take your best route to I-40 East.  Take exit #72.  Go 1/2
mile and turn left onto Old Hwy. 70.  Follow from ** above.

Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald, Atlantia
House Corvus, Sacred Stone	

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