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Re: East Kingdom transportation and distribution

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

Earl Dafydd is, monotonously, right again.

[Re the East]
  1. It already has four or five defacto divisions that have little contact
  with each other.  The different zones have significantly different values
  and cultures -- acknowledgement (both Rapier and Armoured combat) being
  just the most obvious.  People in the East largely stay within these

Hmm, I'd say 4.  Way Northern (Canada), New England + Southern Connecticut
and Northern NY, Southern East Kingdom, and AEthelmearc.

  2. The bureaucracy of the East is mind-numbing.  It isn't their fault --
  it is a side effect of attempting to deal with huge population.


  3. The orders are disfunctional, compared to Atlantia. [Apologia deleted]
  In Atlantia, I expect to know half or more of the candidates for a Gold
  Dolphin, Sea Stag, or Pearl.  In the East you would be lucky to know ANY
  of the candidates on a Maunche, Silver Crescent, or Tygers Combatant

Indeed.  In the most recent poll I received, I know slightly over half the
candidates.  One is an extremely high profile former Kingdom Officer, the
rest live in my "region".
  All of which doesn't change my basic statement, that the East should have
  spawned a principality every 5 years starting when Atlantia went Kingdom,
  and if it had done that, it would be much better off.

And back to Ostgardr and a radius of 50 miles.  (:-)  That's one of the
problems we have: our population density is berserk.  My Barony has more
than enough members to be a principality.  Yikes!   (But we never will be

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