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Re: kazoo!

Poster: Henry Best <jstrauss@poboxes.com>

> >> Efen:
> >> What do you think of an "Annoying Instruments/Fools Parade" for the 
> >> next AtlantiaU or Crown?

> > Henry:
> > To the extent tht we can do it with period instruments, I'm all for
> > it.

> Efen:  Now wait a minute, you were just going to give away 500 kazoos
> with "University Atlantia Marching Band" printed on them without solid
> documentation. What makes the parade any different? I'd bet we could
> come up with enough annoying period instruments anyway. 

If we spring 500 kazoos on them at an event and THEN find out they aren't
period, we just shrug and say "Sure is fun, tho, eh?" But if we learn they
aren't period, and we give them out, we are knowingly agents of Evil. It's
not easy to justify Evil; you need to demonstrate that you caused a LOT of

(I'm prepared to grant that 500 kazoo players might be enough Chaos;  but
I would rather not cause Evil in the first place.)

So if we CAN find period instruments that will have the same riotous
effect, we must follow that path, for although Chaos is desirable, so too
is Good.

Henry Best, Agent of Chaos _AND_ Good

       John Strauss             |    Dr. Henry Best, OP       
       Lexington, KY            |    Dragonsmark, Midrealm      
       jstrauss@poboxes.com     |    "Jugate Potentum Gaudii"

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