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August Kingdom Heraldry Acceptances and Returns - LONG!!!

Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

Yee-hah, what a huge list!!!  If you need (or desire) to see further info on
the acceptances (like how we justified, uh, I mean documented, some of the
names, etc.), please see Master Herveus' web page at:


The August LOI meeting was held in late August, due to Pennsic.  The
September meeting was held on the 7th, so that's why you're getting the
information for two months so close together....  The September stuff will
follow in a separate post.

Rhiannon, Triton

The following items were forwarded to Laurel:

Aed Faidh - new name

Alys Montgomerie - new name and device
        Per pale sable and Or, a goblet sustained between two talbots
combattant counterchanged, on a chief gules three bees tergiant Or.

Anastasia Ivanovna Rostislava - new name and device
        Vert, on a bend argent between a decrescent and three garbs Or four
mullets azure.

Arielle the Golden - device change
        Gules, a gazelle rampany contourny, on a chief embattled Or three
crescents sable.

Aron Niedzwicz - new device
        Argent, four scarpes gules, overall a bear rampant sable.

Balian of Boxgrove Hall - new name and device
        Quarterly gules and azure, a cross flory argent

Barbara Giomaria di Roberto - Augmentation of Arms
        Argent, a chevron inverted azure, in chief a brown hen passant
proper, for augmentation in base on an escutcheon sable an increscent and a
mountain of three peaks couped argent.

The augmentation is the arms of the Barony of Bright Hills minus the laurel
wreath, granted to her by the Crown.

Christopharus filius Phillippi - new device
        Quarterly gules and bendy sinister vert and Or, on a lozenge azure
fimbriated argent a chalice Or.

Conna MKennane - new badge
        (Fieldless) A chess rook per fess sable and argent.

Deirdre Fletcher - new badge
        Gules, a sheaf of three arrows argent, fletched Or, a bordure
counter compony sable and argent.

Devora bat Shimshon - new device
        Argent, a cauldron, on a chief vert three increscents argent.

Emelyn Pacok - name change

Fionnuala the Bewildered - new badge
        Argent, on a pile engrailed between two hearts azure a talbot sejant
ululant argent.

Ginevra de Rossi - new name and device
        Azure, on a fess wavy between three escallops inverted argent a
dolphin naiant between two barrulets wavy vert.

Gregor Dow McGregor - name change and new device
        Sable, on a pale between two roses slipped and leaved argent a
rapier sable

Hawkins Sinclair - new name

Heledd ferch Bleddyn - new name

Isabella Benalcazar - new badge
        (Fieldless) A cross of Santiago azure.

Isolde Corby - new name and device
        Checky azure and argent, five ravens displayed in saltire, heads to
sinister sable

Julia Windsor - release of badge

Julien de Montfort - new name and device
        Pean, three amphorae, a chief urdy argent

Julien de Montfort - new badge
        (Fieldless) An amphora argent.

Kari Kyst - new device
        Per bend sinister azure and gules, two greyhounds salient
countourney Or.

Labaiose inghean Ragaillag - new name and device
        Or, an inkpot sable between three hummingbirds purpure.

Lucia Bellini - new device
        Sable, a catamount rampany, in chief three martlets argent, a
bordure Or.

Maire inghean ui Donnabhain - new name and device 
        Purpure, a bend gules fimbriated Or, in chief an increscent, a chief Or.

Maukolum of Chelbroc - new name

Meadhbh inghean ui Donnabhain - new name and device
        Per bend purpure and sable, a bend enarched between two lozenges argent.

Morgan Catriona Bruce - new badge
        (Fieldless) A penannular brooch bendwise argent.

Morina Felicita - new name and device
        Per bend sinister argent and purpure, two cats sejant counterchanged
sable and argent

Nest verch Madoc - new name and device
        Azure, on a pale argent a candle azure, on a chief argent three
quill pens bendwise sinister azure.

Pedro de Alcazar - change of device
        Argent, a tower purpure between three bunches of grapes proper.

Rodrigo Hernandez de Toledo - new name and device
        Per fess azure and sable, on a fess between two wolves' heads couped
argent a torch sable enflamed proper.

Rodrigo Hernandez de Toledo - household name and badge
        Familia de Hernandez
        Sable, a wolf courant argent

Signy Feilan Bjarnardottir - change of holding name

Siobhan Eliot - new device
        Argent, on a cross between four needles gules, a catamount rampany

Sveva Lucciola - new name and device
        Azure, a dragonfly volant, a demi-sun issuant from base argent.

Thorgerd Gunnarsdottir - new name

Una of Aire Faucon - new name and device
        Gules, a wolf rampant contourny ermine, a bordure argent crusily
couped gules.

Yvon de Sable - new name and device
        Vair, on a pall sable fimbriated, four fleurs-de-lys Or.

Zita Dominguez - new name and device
        Sable, on a bend between six carps haurient Or, three arrows
inverted, head enflamed gules


Aed Faidh - new device
        Sable on a bend sinister argent between two flames Or three eyes
fesswise azure - This is being returned for identifiability.  When colored ,
the eyes were unidentifiable.

Emelyn Pacok - new device
        Purpure, a peacock close argent - The consensus at the meeting was
that the bird was very difficult to identify as drawn.  Therefore, I am
returning this device.  Were the peacock drawn in profile, it would be fine.

Gregory Blount - new device
        Or, three sinister arms conjoined and flexed in triskelion gules,
hands clenched proper  - This conflicts with (Fieldless) a triskele gules.
Trimaris, Kingdom of.

Julia Windsor - new badge
        (Fieldless) A portcullis argent - This conflicts with (Fieldless) A
portcullis Or.  Robert of Sacred Stone, registered by Laurel 8/97

Kari Kyst - new badge
        Azure, a hound's pawprint Or - This conflicts with Gules, a boar's
hoofprint Or, registered to Harald Bodvarson.  There is no difference
between various pawprints, and only one CD for the change to the field.

Lorenzo il Confuso - new device
        Per bend sinister argent and azure, a drawn bow and arrow
counterchanged - This conflicts with the badge of Cariadoc of the Bow,
(Tinctureless) A reflex bow reversed strung with a decrescent armed of an
arrow fesswise.  There is one CD for tincturelessness, but no others.

Mieszko Most Bitwa - new name and device
        Per fess sable and vert, a fess and in canton a roundel argent -
Miesko was King of Poland, 963092.  Most Bitwa is literally "Bridge Battle"
according to my Polish dictionary.  I am returning this because the byname
is at best an unlikely byname.  I would be glad to work with the submitter
to arrive at a historically plausible byname.  The device, while clear of
conflict at this time, is also being returned because there must be a name
to submit a device.

Oenghus mac Drust - new name and device
        Or, three oak leaves conjoined in triskelion vert between three
acorns gules - Oenghus is claimed to be listed on the Pictish List of Kings.
Drust is also claimed to be listed on the Pictish List of Kings.  The
submitter cites Age of the Picts, by W.A. Cummings, and Picts and Scots by
Lloyd and Jenny Laing.  No photocopies were provided.  The submitter will
not take corrections.

I do find in Black, p. 221, under Drostan, a reference to "a Christian
inscription in Cornwall, *Drustagni hic iacit Cunomori filius* where
*Drustagni* is genitive of *Drust-agno-s*, 'sprung from Drust' ".  I can not
find the submitted spelling in either Woulfe or O'Corrain and Maguire.  I am
returning the name because I cannot attest either name as submitted, nor am
I permitted to make corrections.  In addition, the submitter did not provide
photocopies of the sources cited on the forms.  Angus Drostan would be a
straightforward Scots name.

Ragnachar Wyrmymbrgyrdan - new name and device
        Vert, an Ouroboros Or - I am returning the name because the byname
is not a plausible byname.  (NOTE:  The explanation for this return is
considerably lengthy, therefore, I am omitting it at this time.  *IF* anyone
would like to see it and cannot access Herveus' web page, please contact me
directly and I will forward it on.  The submitter will receive a detailed
letter from Golden Dolphin.  Rhiannon)

Victoria of Alfriston - new device
        Ermine, three peacock feathers proper, a bordure purpure - This is
being returned for a redraw.  The feathers need to be aligned in the same
direction.  The one in sinister chief is clearly bendwise sinister, while
the one in base is pretty much palewise, and the remaining one is sort of in
between.  The feathers all need to be palewise, or bendwise sinister, or

Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald, Atlantia
House Corvus, Sacred Stone	

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