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September Kingdom Heraldry Acceptances and Returns

Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

 If you need (or desire) to see further info on the acceptances (like how we
justified, uh, I mean documented, some of the names, etc.), please see
Master Herveus' web page at:



The following items were forwarded to Laurel:

Adam of Erin - new badge
        (Fieldless) A Celtic cross argent

Aedric the Green - new name and device
        Per pale sable and vert

Aethelgar Sheldwich - device resubmission
        Or, a dragon displayed sable, on flaunches azure, two hounds
combattant erminois.

Aethelwulf Cynricson of Stonegrave - new name and device
        Vert, a stag rampany within an annulet argent

Afanasiia Volokhovna - new name

Agnes Daunce - badge resubmission
        Or, three mullets, one and two, pierced, a bordure vert

Alessandra Bonaventura - new name

Alisaundre Quinnye - new name

Arianwen ferch Cadwaladr - new name

Catlin McRay - new name and device
        Sable, a spiderweb, on a chief argent three pawprints sable

Colin OBryan - new name and device
        Or, a chevron between three fleurs-de-lys gules, a chief wavy sable.

Fionn the White - new name and device
        Azure, three mullets of six, a bordure Or.

Henri La Grave - new device
        Azure, a comet bendwise between six estoiles argent.

Highland Foorde, Shire of - badge resubmission
        Azure, a compass star quarterly argent and Or, a bordure wavy argent.

Mathaeus Blades - new device
        Sable, three wolf's heads couped in fess, a chief argent

Robert de Clifton - new name and device
        Azure, a chevron between two trefoils and a garb argent

Stephan of Churchton - new device
        Azure, a chevron ensigned with a Latin cross between three annulets
engrailed Or.

William le Red of Storvik - new device 
        Per pale argent and gules, a three headed hydra displayed affronty

Ysolt la Bretonne - new device
        Argent, a mouse couchant sable between three ermine spots gules


Alisaundre Quinnye - new device
        Vert, on a bend argent, a cat's face sable between two roses proper
- This conflicts with Vert, on a bend argent, a battle axe gules, Olaf the
Maedi-Ogre.  It also conflicts with Vert, one a bend argent, a caduceus
palewise vert between a sprig of white willow (salix alba) and a foxglove
(digitalis purpurea) slipped and leaved palewise proper, Annalind Airamid
the Healer.  It also conflicts with Vert, on a bend argent, a winged lion
rampant to sinister sable fimbriated argent wings erect argent fimbriated
sable, Beryl of the Valley of the Moon.  In each case there is only a single
CD for the various changes to the charges on the bend.

Bianca Isotta Viscari - new device
        Gules, a sprig of mistletoe Or fructed argent, on a bordure Or three
lozenges gules - The mistletoe was unidentifiable as drawn.  When compared
to a drawing of mistletoe in Rodales' _Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs_,
we noted that mistletoe branches are fairly straight.  This contrasts with
the very curvy and reflexed branches, like unto ivy vines, as rendered in
the armory.  Were this drawn in a more identifiable manner, it should be

Fionn the White - new badge
        Azure, a phoenix argent rising from flames gules maintaining an
olive branch vert, a bordure Or - I am returning the badge for a redraw.
The flames are drawn in a modern style.  The flames should be drawn as a
contiguous mass, preferably with alternating tongues of red and gold (since
the submitter's blazon gave flames proper).

Inigo de Gato de Navarre - new name and device
        Per pale argent and sable, on a bend sinister three crosses couped,
pierced, counterchanged - I am returning the name because it does not fit
any Spanish naming pattern of which I am aware.  In particular, the phrase
"de Gato" does not make sense, either in Spanish or as an English
translation ("of the cat").  It has been suggested that Inigo Delgado de
Navarre would be registerable, but we have not been able to document
Delgado.  Dom Pedro refuses to be bowed and may come up with something yet!
Inigo de Navarre would be most excellent.

I (Golden Dolphin) am returning the device for two reasons.  First, the
piercing of the crosses is equivalent to charging them with roundels.
Considered this way, the design has four layers, which is not permitted
under the rules.  Second, since the name is being returned, I must return
the device for the lack of a name, as I am not permitted to form a holding name.

Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill
Triton Principal Herald, Atlantia
House Corvus, Sacred Stone	

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