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Re: Angevin History...

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> "Throughout the first years of Henry's reign, his attention was divided
> between England and Anjou. <...> However, the most significant (and
> certainly most famous) story of Henry's reign began in 1162. [...]
> in June, 1162, Henry appointed Thomas Becket Archbishop of Canterbury.
> Becket at the time was Chancellor and well respected, but a very good friend to
> the King, maybe too much so, his critics claimed. 
> [...] Becket went out of his way to oppose the King. It did not take
> Henry long to regret his decision. [...]
> [...]
> "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?" Henry allegedly shouted.
> [...] in response four of Henry's knights went looking for Becket. [...]
> Becket resisted and was brutally murdered.
> [...] despite the scandal, Henry was at the height of his
> power. The real threat would come from his family.
> Henry was plagued with rebellious sons. [...] Richard, pushed to the
> point of open rebellion, joined with Philip II of France in an attempt
> to destroy the Angevin empire and Henry. In July, 1189, with his health
> failing, Henry accepted a humiliating peace. When given a list of names
> of those who had fought against him, he was shocked to find John's name
> among them.  [...] A month later Henry died. "
> Biographical information from,"The Lives of the Kings and Queens of
> England", ed. Antonia Frasier; "The Oxford Illustrated History of the
> British Monarchy", ed. John Cannon and Ralph Griffiths

I saw a couple of movies about this, with Peter O'Toole as Henry,
Richard Burton as Beckett, and Anthony Hopkins (no relation) as
Richard.  I thought they seemed pretty accurate, but what do I know?

I think Antonia Frasier has title of Viscountess or something like
that, but not in the SCA.

-- Alfredo
Of course he's got a knife.  _I_ have a knife.  We all have knives,
because this is 1196 and we're all barbarians!
                                         -- Eleanor of Aquitaine

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