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Re: Becket : Aftermath

Poster: Marybeth Lavrakas <lavrakas@email.unc.edu>

The city museum in Canterbury used to show this truly deranged animated
video about the martyrdom.  At the point where the monks are preparing the
body for burial, the video recounts Grimm's story of the monks' discovery
that Becket was wearing a hair shirt under his archbishop's robes.  As the
body cooled, streams of lice and fleas crawled out, in search of a new
home.  The video shows a line of lice and fleas marching away from the
body, each one wearing a halo because they'd been sanctified through their
contact with the saint.  As I recall, the insects were all smiling;  I
wish I could remember if they were holding 'hands' in prayerful poses, but
may be my own deranged mind creating a memory...

By the way, I highly recommend the Blackadder episode that spoofs the
Becket story--can't remember the episode name, but it's on tape 1 of the
first series.

Kathryn Rouse

P.S  There is some debate over whether a body fairly recently found
secreted in the Cathedral--one with noticeable damage to the skull--is in
fact Becket's, the premise being that the body was hidden and a fake
Becket destroyed in the 1530s.

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