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Silk Road 2 Event Announcement

Poster: "xavier" <xavier@ww-interlink.net>

Silk Road 2
October 17-19,1997
Come join the canton of Falcon Cree in a decidedly unofficial revel.

Many of the glorious tales and splendors of the ancient world from 
silks to spices were brought along that legendary trail called the 
Silk Road.  This event will try to recapture the flavors and sounds
that one might have experienced as a result of the Silk Road.  The 
four buffet style feasts take you from China into India followed by 
the Middle East and Greece and then ending up in the seat of the 
Renaissance, Italy!  The feasts will be Friday evening and all meals
on Saturday. The site is discreetly wet.

A&S Competitions

1)Work in progress or work with documentation showing the process or
  the whole trip beginning to end.
2)Travel aids, tents, feasts gear, lanterns, etc...

Fun and Games

Light weapons obstacle course
heavy weapons woods melee, raiders on the road.
Relay race around the lake.
Bardic circle following feast.  Please bring your guitars and drums.
"Iron in the hat" raffle for the Atlantian Coffer


There will be a contest for the best "no S__T there I was!" 
story as well as a bardic contest that evening.

Cost:$7.50 per person on board $2 off board.

Site: Camp Buckhorn in Paris Mountain State Park
Take your best route to Interstate 85 and I-385, go north on I-385 to
the first  Pleasantburg Rd exit (North).  At the third light follow 
SC-291 to the left at the Citgo Station.  After SC-291 crosses 
Rutherford Road, take a right at the next light (across from BI LO and
BIG LOTS) onto Piney Mountain Road.  At the next light turn right onto
State Park Road.  Continue for about half a mile and you will pass a 
fire station.  Follow the signs for PARIS MOUNTAIN STATE  PARK  and 
they will direct you right to the park gate. 

The gates are open from 8am - 9pm please page the autocrat for
ferry service from the gate.
Autocrat/Troll:  Xavier de Lyon (Eric Campbell) Phone (864)855-3413 
Pager(864)390-3291 SMail:201 Hilandale Ct apt 3 Easley, SC 29642  
Please reserve as early as possible

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