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FW: [EK] Geeks & Nerds

Poster: Louise Sugar <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

Thought this would give you all a giggle or two  :)


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-Poster: "Steven H. Mesnick ('Steffan ap Kennydd')" <steffan@erols.com>

You know, what with all this talk of geeks and nerds, it occurs to me
there might be a need for Scadian extensions to the Geek Code. So, some 
suggestions for the unofficial Version 0.1 of GC/SCAX, the Geek 
Code Scadian Extensions.

Tk: Tolkien
	Tk+++++: You think in Quenya.
	Tk++++: You speak Quenya.
	Tk+++: You've read The Unpublished Grocery Lists of JRR Tolkien, volume
	Tk++: You've read the Silmarillion.
	Tk+: You've read Lord of the Rings.
	Tk: You've read the Hobbit.
	Tk-: You've seen the Hobbit movie and liked it.
	Tk--: You've seen Bakshi's LotR movie and liked it.
	Tk---: A hobbit is a cross between a horse and a rabbit, isn't it?

SN: SCA Name
	SN+++++: Your grandmother calls you by your SCA name.
	SN++++: Your mother calls you by your SCA name.
	SN+++: You've legally changed to your SCA name.
	SN++: Your boss calls you by your SCA name.
	SN+: Your mundane friends call you by your SCA name.
	SN: You have a registered SCA name.
	SN-: You're thinking of registering your SCA name.
	SN--: Why *can't* I be Stormbringer Odinspawn? It's my D&D character!
	SN---: Folks in the SCA call you "Stan".

Dg: Dragon (Your car)
	Dg+++++: You bought a used greyhound bus just so you can get to
	Dg++++: You bought a used minivan for the same reason.
	Dg+++: You *have* to have a hatchback for the armor/camping supplies.
	Dg++: You keep your SCA "stuff" in your car permanently.
	Dg+: You have an "East Kingdom" sticker on your car.
	Dg: You have a "Follow Me to Camelot" sticker on your car.
	Dg-: You drive a family sedan.
	Dg--: You drive a *clean* family sedan.
	Dg---: You drive a two-seater Porsche.
	Dg----: You drive a two-seater Porsche with a ski-rack.
	Dg-----: You drive a leased two-seater Porsche with a ski-rack and a
car phone.

Gb: Garb
	Gb++++++: There is a room in your house called "The *Upstairs* Light
Blue Trim Closet".
	Gb+++++: Your closet is bigger than your living room.
	Gb++++: You own more than one serger.
	Gb+++: You own more than one sewing machine.
	Gb++: You have more garb than mundane clothing.
	Gb+: You have better garb than mundane clothing. 
	Gb: You go to Pennsic for land-grab and only need to do laundry once.
	Gb-: You really need a good cloak.
	Gb--: You really need a good tunic.
	Gb---: I'm a fighter; I don't need that fancy stuff.	

Any more?	

	Steffan ap Kennydd
	Tk+  SN  Dg+++ Gb
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