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Re: SCA-Geek Codes

Poster: david.a.montuori@adn.alcatel.com (Dave Montuori)

> Bards (BD+)
> BD+++++   Perform the entire Beowulf saga with footnotes and required reading
> list
> BD++++     Own the complete works of Josquin De Prez, signed
> BD+++        I can play 2 WHOLE instruments
> BD++          Name the song and I know it or I can get it
> BD+            The drunken revel is ROCKIN'
> BD              The crowd is pleased
> BD-              Hey, I can do this music stuff!  
> BD--            I wanna be a bard too, canicanicani?
> BD---            The word is "wince"
> BD----           Look at all the little black dots
> BD-----          Ever considered fighting?
> Sionan MacCruimmen, Barony of Storvik

Odd; I qualify for BD+++ but not BD++. Perhaps those should be reversed?

Evan, who owns 10+ instruments from 4 different groups and *plays* about
half again as many, and knows folks who make him look like a piker.
Also sings. (Bass, Atlantian Choir, section motto: "We got it.")
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