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Why did I even NAME that movie???

Poster: dgall007@juno.com (David E. Galloway)

Hello again,  I just wanted to thank all of those for their
responses....and I wanted to clear up a few things...

My mentioning of Braveheart was mainly a joke....Braveheart was as close
to real history as Monopoly is to making real money...but it's still a
great movie(but a pretty shoddy documentory).

Thanks to all for mentioning that Scots of the time did not have clan
tartans, or for the most part even clans.....

Judging from most of our canton's Scots the Sgihn Dubh was period.....For
a 14th century Highlander, I believe he had either a Claymore, Scottish
broadsword(claymore look in a broadsword size), or a basket hilt
broadsword(either a "normal" basket hilt or the earlier "Irish Hilt")
either strapped to the back or hung from the hip, a dirk tucked into the
belt, and two Sgihn Dubhs tucked into his boots(during time of war...in
peacetime, the Sgihn Dubh wasn't hidden).  According to the dates in my
copy of  Museum Replicas Limited catalog, the blades are all of that
period, depending on what type of claymore you use...(normal, early, or 
twisted hilt, which is just a minor variant of the "normal" claymore)  

Finally thank you for the information on the pipes...although I was aware
that the soundtrack used were Uilleann, I didn't know those pipes were

Once again, thank you patrons of the Merry Rose for your help...

mka David Galloway
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