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Another quiet weekend? Nah....

Poster: Greg Glewwe <glewweg@erols.com>

Welcome to the Lowland War's!  Join the Forlorn Hope.  Into the breach,
lads! Then try to defend your stores of powder from the Spanish spies,
for if the powder shed is blown, all is lost.  Stand in a broken Pike
block and learn why you protect your shot!

	Come to St. Sebastian's this weekend in Highland Foorde and test not
only your skill but your bravery as well!  Combat archers (shot) will be
joining the rapier melees to help add new dimension (dementia?) to our
fun!  In the powder shed scenario, several archers will be stationed
atop the shed to help protect it, along with several comrades wielding
swords against the Spanish spies on the ground.  The Spaniards are
trying to throw torches into the powder shed, and beware! They may have
brought a sharp shooter or two!  The other scenarios should be jsut as
much fun!

	Rapier fighters who are authorized in combat archery should bring their
bows, as they may carry both rapier and bow!  Scholars are also asked to
bring any extra armor that they may be willing to loan because....
Combat archers you must have rapier armor to join us.  I have one set to
loan to the first combat archer who asks for it on Saturday morning!  I
also have a second spare mask.


For more information call Gregoire at 301-698-1269 or e-mail at

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