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A golden event again

Poster: Gene Bonar <gbonar@auspex.com>

Greetings oh great and wondrous Merries and Windies,

Well the Windmasters' Hill Baronial Archer Corps went the Golden Moon and it was wonderful.  Rhi and the folks in Old Fort did another great job.  

My lovely wife and I had the honor of being archers for HRM Logan ( the winning team ).  What I like best about the fighting was the built in silliness.  It is hard to get too serious about fighting with chickens and piglets flying about.

This has been a small event so far but pound for pound it's the most fun.  The people who do this event work hard and do a great job.

Although I didn't fight with the rapier folks ( didn't have the right armor ), from what I saw the rapier people seemed to be having a lot of fun as well.

The A&S competitions were nice too.  They had the best period useless item, the best marriage rejection, and the best barnyard animal.  My charming wife, Lady Elspeth won the best barnyard animal part with 2 cute felted sheep, (and yes we have heard EVERY felted sheep pun.)

Reserve us a cabin for next year Rhiannon.

Eogan mac Ailpein          archer and herald
Gene Bonar                       Auspex Systems
919.461.2221 voice  	      TSE, Cary, NC
919.319.9910 fax        gbonar@auspex.com

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