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Re: Doumbeks

Poster: PDRUSS@aol.com

In a message dated 97-10-03 05:31:57 EDT, you write:

 >I'd love to see any documentation on using glues to attach heads to drums
 >(hmmmm, gluing heads to drums, now there's an evil thought, reminds me of
 >the time Lord Aelfgar glued his hand to the table.....but I digress).
 >In service,
 Ah, now, Dread Mongol Baron, don't just tease us with part of a story!  How
 did Aelfgar glue his hand to the table?
 Alanna >>

Must have used "superglue" I have glued all my figures (Of one hand) together
several times. Took all night to get them unglued using nail polish remover. 

I was not a happy camper.


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